Factors of Poverty

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Factors of Poverty
No one universally accepted definition of poverty exists because it is a complex and multifaceted phenomena. Poverty is borne out of economic factors that include a lack of access to secure employment, insufficient income, and a lack of assets, especially that of real-estate. There are social structural elements and psychological factors that both contribute to, and have a tendency of perpetuating poverty. While both of these contribute to poverty they are very different from one another. Social psychological factors are attitudes and values held by all citizens regardless of economics and are the sum total experiences, which have molded the individual 's mind-set. These experiences may bias an individual in a …show more content…

(Economic Policy Institute; Income Picture: August, 2005)
Schools, education, and family are interdependent and play a major role in shaping the future of those living in poverty. In my opinion, education is one of the most difficult factors for the children of poverty to overcome by no fault of their own.

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