Fahrenheit 451 Character Analysis

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In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury introduces Montag as a fireman who enjoys burning books. Bradbury started off with”It was a pleasure to burn” showing what Montag thinks about burning books. Montag liked the way when “books went up in sparkling whirls and blew away on a wind turned dark with burning”(Bradbury, 2). He like to see thing blackened and changed like a destruction. Montag started to change throughout many challenges that he had to face and he also started to get a different view on fire on his adventure. At the end, Montag no longer thought it was a pleasure to burn as, books and Clarisse and Faber had changed him entirely. Montag realize that books was actually really good and there can be so much things to learn about from …show more content…

Most people including the others fireman had never talk to her, they were trying to ignore Clarisse, Montag was the first one to talk to her. She said things such as”Have you ever watched the jet cars racing down the boulevards down that way?”(7) Clarisse thinks and ask about questions that Montag would never even think about, he doesn’t know the answers to many of her questions. They talked and talked about many things such as Montag being a fireman and what does some symbols on his uniform stands for. Clarisse goes on and on about different topics and finally they reached their house.Clarisse’s house was right next to Montag’s house, they were neighbors. Clarisse’s house was full of lights and when Montag asked her she said that her family love to sit around and talk. Later when Clarisse was leaving she said goodbye and asked a question.The last question Clarisse asked Montag was “Are you happy?”(7) After that Clarisse ran away and went in her house leaving Montag to think why would Clarisse ask a question like that. In Montag’s mind he thought that he was absolutely happy, why wouldn’t he be happy. He started to walk toward his house and still thinking about the question. This question allowed Montag to experience dissonance, simultaneously receiving the call to adventure. At first Montag thought it Mao 3 was nonsense which led him crosses the threshold and that was when Montag started to question himself

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