Fahrenheit 451 Critical Analysis

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As unfortunate as it is, we will go through many struggles, hardships, and heartbreaks throughout the span of our lives. While we've all experienced times where we wish we could bypass all the low points, and instead experience only happiness, there is reason behind the trials and tribulations we face. For example, in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the main character, Joel, falls in love with a girl named Clementine only to have the relationship fall apart. Breakups are a natural, yet very painful part of life and it would be spectacular if we didn't have to go through them, but sometimes it's these hardships that provide us with a lesson to be gained. We learn about what we like or dislike about a partner. We learn about what may have caused the relationship to fail, and then we learn how we can avoid those problems in future relationships. In Fahrenheit 451, the plot encompasses around the idea that the world needs more censorship, and in the dystopia in which the novel takes place, the solution to a seemingly "better" society is to burn books. The solution in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is to have your memory of the person that caused you heartbreak to be erased. Perhaps these solutions may "fix" certain negative qualities about the way life operates, they are only putting a band-aid over life's problems, and therefore not resulting in an effective or morally correct outcome. Given the fact that censorship poses a hindrance to the development of society

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