Fahrenheit 451 Mood Analysis

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In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury there is a clear and unique style of writing. In many parts of the book, Bradbury writes with a formal mood. Montag, the main character, is going on a journey of finding himself through all of the people around him; characters such as Clarisse , Faber, and Granger help him find his true happiness, while Mildred and Beatty lie and believe books only separate people more , creating the society to break into minorities, yet both of these characters express major depression and an ignorant attitude towards the message that Montag is trying to give .Bradbury uses significant events with tone, mood, diction, sentence structure, and figurative language to accentuate rhythm of the book and get the attention …show more content…

Montag decides to find a teacher who can teach him about the wonders of reading books, this is also when Mildred and Montag begin to see their differences. “This is the Old and New Testament, and….” which Mildred responds “ Don't start that again” (pg 76) In this part of the book Montag begins to see that he wishes he had a better relationship with his wife: Bradbury uses imagery and punctuation to express the loss that Montag feels. As a writer Bradbury captures the imaginations of the reader to show the stepping stones of Montag's journey.Imagery is a key element to this book due to its importance to the reader to know the atmosphere of the society in which these character live in. Ray Bradbury uses his skills to create a mood in which a reader could feed upon and want to keep reading the book. The second part of the book distracts from the first as Montag's attitude changes towards society. In Bradbury's work he uses his style to capture the reader. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a great piece of work that creates a world inside the reader's mind in which lays suspense ,intricate relationships and plots. THe authors style is marked by his figurative language tone and mood; Overall this book really describes every minute of the character’s journey. Bradbury writes with complex formal Style

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