Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

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In the book, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, a fire fighter named Guy Montag goes from wrecking books to saving them. As Montag strolls home from his work that night, he meets with one ladies and her name is Clarisse McClellan. Nonetheless, she is 17 years of age and she is his neighbor. Montag is without a moment's delay shocked and attracted to the gifted young lady's curiosity. Clarisse adores nature, doesn't stare at the TV, and abhors autos that drive quick. She doubts him consistently about his impression of the world, abandoning him with the inquiry "Are you upbeat?" Clarisse leaves a solid impact on Montag, and he keeps on thinking about their concise experience and her altogether different method for survey the world. After some time, Montag grapples with his solution to Clarisse's last inquiry. He isn't glad. Montag enters his advanced home and resigns to his room, where he finds that his significant other, Mildred, has overdosed on dozing pills. Montag is stunned and quickly calls the paramedics. Specialists touch base at the house, pump Mildred's stomach and give her a total transfusion with different mechanical instruments. Neither of the paramedics are specialists, a reality Montag finds shocking. Nonetheless, the paramedics clarify that they play out these same systems all the time, and that it is an extremely standard event. At the point when the doctors withdraw, the soothed yet shaken Montag considers the indifferent and grievous nature of his general

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