Fahrenheit 451 Society Losing Its Mind Analysis

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Is the society losing its mind? People in the book Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, including Mildred aren’t realizing all of the major problems going on in the society. Mildred and all of the other people in the book need to just open their eyes and see what their world is now. MIldred acts self-centered plenty of times and there is proof from the book. She states “I meant to tell you. Forgot. Forgot.” and when she says that she means she forgot to tell Montag about the death of Clarisse. She knew Montag would’ve wanted to know and she kept it to herself.She had acted like it was no big deal, but to Montag it was. She doesn’t care how other people feel. This is how everyone is getting in the society of that time. Mildred can be more but she

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