Failing With Straight A's Essay

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Failing with Straight A’s.
Growing up, my education involved sitting around the dining room table, multiplying cows per acre, or sitting in my room reading an outdated history book meant for the state of Texas. Many would be fine with this type of education, working on their time, stress free, and simple work that never got a graded, but instead a “That’ll do,” from your parents who were barely home. That wasn’t enough for me.
I remember feeling useless when my friend discussed school, what did I know? I never stepped one foot into a school until I was sixteen. She complained about algebra, and chemistry and things that I’ve never seen in my own work at home. I felt behind, but that didn’t change that I was stuck at home doing close to …show more content…

I only assumed they were teachers. The harsh light made it hard to concentrate, and felt as if I was being watched. I stared at that test for a long time, flipping through it hoping I’d come across a question that looked familiar to me. The further I got into it the more blinding the white of the paper became, and problems floated off the page, and tears filled my vision. The test was demanding, find X. Find X? I barely remembered a thing, even though I know I learned it. I was panicking.
I was back in the same principal’s office when I got the news that I didn’t cut it. I failed that test, and barely past the others. I tested in at a ninth-grade level based on my performance on only four tests. It didn’t seem fair. Sitting in the car alone I cried, wondering if I had been stupid all along. My mother was gone for several minutes, I don’t know how long to be exact before she came back. “You’re going to be graduating with the tenth graders.” Those words didn’t make sense to me, the school turned me down, I had failed.
Apparently when someone is in public school their whole life they normally get free periods, and study halls to take up their time before their next class. With a lot of research, it turned out I could graduate in a decent time, only a year behind. After that I was constantly in either the principal’s or councilor’s office going over my schedule, and every little change that may be done. I was on a strict schedule that

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