Failure And Success Of An Individual Basis

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Failure and success is achieved through the interpretation and individual expectations of the person whom they were expected from. This means the success and failure rate is determined on an individual basis. What may be one person’s success, may actually be considered failure for someone else. When you define the two as it pertains to probation, it is based on the conditions and modification of the terms of the offender’s probation. Therefore, success would be defined as the completion of probation, and failure would be defined as the inability to successfully commit to the terms of probation, thus being faced with revocation. To further this claim, a study by Gillin and Hill determined success by the completion of probation without …show more content…

After reviewing the risk assessments of Mr. Jones, it seems he would be a low risk offender with a minimal chance of reoffending. Prior to his current charge, Mr. Jones does not have a history of criminal behavior. This could work in his favor when sentenced. The only downfall is the inability to perfect criminal behavior. He was a law abiding citizen with no blemishes prior to his arrest. He waited for an opportune opportunity fueled by greed and committed this act. This would leave one skeptical of committing another offense if an opportunity was to arise in the future. He is gainfully employed with a college education. Although, based on his job choice, he will most likely be unable to attain his position due to his felony, he has the education to afford him ability to successfully stay employed. The downfall of his degree is that it is in finance, and with the charge of tax invasion, it is unlikely he would be trusted to work with money. The fact that Mr. Jones is married and has a stable family life, it works in his as well as the probation officers advantage. The family not only offers stability and a support system, it also creates a cause and effect approach to his conditions. The threat of liberty and family can be a positive factor when gaining compliance by the offender. However, the family can also be a deterrence as well. He was highly spoken by his wife and children, and is probably willing to do anything to take care of his family.

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