Failure in the Indian Judiciary System for Violence Against Women

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Within a span of three generations, criminals have targeted more than 50 million women from its population. Crime against women has increased in India because of the failure of the Indian judiciary system to get justice for the victims. Why is violence against women so prolific in India? Although the women's organizations in India have opposed individual acts of violence against women ranging from female infanticide, rape, dowry deaths, honor killings, acid attacks to female infanticides, there has been little attention given to the theoretical understanding of the causes of this violence. Between 2001 and 2011 the number of incidents has increased tremendously.
The disinclination of policemen to register complaints makes it difficult …show more content…

The legal system also does not understand that easy availability of Sulfuric acid anywhere in India increases the rate of Acid attacks.
Because of the pathetic behavior of some policemen, the countries reputation gets spoilt. Tourists start to decrease. The economic dependence of a family acts as a barrier to report any kind of sexual or violence abuse. This specially affects the poor people as they tend to hide the tragedy in order to prevent any financial trouble. They are pressurized and left to feel unimportant in the society.
Turns out that since the criminals haven’t even been caught. This affects the women as they feel unsafe. Women don’t get justice and knowing that the culprit is still out there haunts them making them never get past the incident and get on with their lives.
In India, the hiring of more women police officers could be of help as maybe they could feel more comfortable in having a girl talk.
A 23-year old woman in Delhi, who was doing her medical studies, was brutally gang raped on 16th December 2012 and later died. That was the biggest blow Indians had ever got and they took a stand on it. Protests, riots were held to get justice for that young woman who was working hard as a student so she could support her dad who worked in a shop. That incident triggered outrage and arguments over women’s safety all over India. On 10th September 2013 the 3 men were sentenced to death. It took almost a whole year for the Indian Judiciary system to get

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