Fairies of the Heart are All Around Us Essay

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Love is always around us. In a cold world there are fairies that represent our hearts and the love we feel. These fairies are seen by the young and the loved.

There once was a young girl, born with three just like everyone else who's blue fairy, love of herself, which was always small. The blue fairy always followed her floating around trying to push her towards happiness but never seemed to gain the strength to help the girl progress.

The young girl, once she grew up a bit had a second fairy born, a red one, the love of friends. This fairy was the girls largest fairy. This fairy floated above all the other's and always shined brightest and pushed her hardest.

Then when the young girl had become a young woman she gained a third fairy.
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The red fairy had thrived around the person and the blue fairy had started to float. Much later the white fairy had grown back and it finally healed. It fluttered and flourished around the person. It survived happily with the other person's fairy. They dance when they met and didn't want to pull away when the two needed to separate.

One day the young woman's fairy started to shrink. The blue fairy had dulled and then the white fairy broke. The red fairy cried when the blue fairy had crumbled completely and was left alone. The red fairy had shrunk and cried at the loss of its friends.

Soon in place of the white fairy a black fairy had appeared. The red fairy shrunk when the black fairy showed itself. The black fairy always made sure that the red was always small.

The young woman didn't liked being near people soon. The red fairy nearly disappearing at times. But one day the blue and white fairies had come back. The three stayed small but always stuck together. But the black fairy was always there as well. If one grew too large it's keep it in its place.

Then the young woman met someone else. The white fairy stayed very small and didn't dance with the person's fairy. The stayed close but never fluttered. So in the end the white fairy disappeared and the white fairy the other person had, had broken.

Now the young woman stays bound to her four fairies. The black fairy stays close to the girl. Her blue fairy often disappearing and the white
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