Fairwood Elementary School Case Study

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The data summary of office referrals of disciplinary incident shows major trends for Lacey Elementary School. The first pattern noticeable, of Disciplinary action, the number of incidence progressively went down each school year. This analysis shows that Lacey Elementary made the effort to intervene and set a plan into place. Upon further investigation, Insubordination and disorderly conduct incidence progressively continued to increase in numbers. Although the incidence per 100 students went down in disorderly conduct, it then increased the next year. This data shows Lacey Elementary needs to be consistence with actions and consequence. As a school, they need to work on behavioral plans and interventions. The thrid major trend presented in the data, a large number in action by ethnicity shown as percent of action in black males and white males. The data consistently showed larger numbers in this these two…show more content…
So for every disciplinary incident, there should be a disciplinary actions. From analyzing the data, the three most common form of disciplinary action are out-of-school suspension, in-school suspension, and corporal punishment. One trend of the data, during the three-year period, there is a decline in then number of out-of-school suspension. Out-of-school suspension is when a student is out of the learning environment for a number of days. The second trend of the data is an increase in corporal punishment and in-school suspension. Lacey Elementary shows the first year out-of-school suspension was heavily used as where the next two years they used in-school suspension and corporal punishment. The last major pattern recognized by the data, is a low number in action by ethnicity shown as percent of action in Hispanic females, Hispanic males, and white females. The numbers in these categories stay relatively low in comparison to the other
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