Fairy Tales : A Child

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In a few short months you are going to become a father to a baby boy. That being said I was wondering if you are going to read your child fairy tales as you did for me when I was a child. As a child I, remember sitting on your lap and listening to you read me fairy tales in funny accents as you tried to put me to sleep, and even adding your own twist to them. By the time you were done with the first story I would want another and another until I was actually asleep. By you reading me fairy tales, when I was a child, it made me closer to you and gave us a special bond. The fairy tales you read to me as a child played a major part in fostering my imagination and creativity that I have now. The article “The Importance of Fairy Tales” states different reasons why you should read your child fairy tales, some being that fairy tales give an understanding of what is good and of what is bad. Fairy tales can teach children a lot of meaningful life skills and abilities that as they get older they will be able to bring into real life, such as, helping them learn how to overcome a struggle or a problem that they would face. Fairy tales also helps and teaches children how to confront their fears. Fairy tales give children the desire for adventure and to be comfortable moving beyond my comfort zones. Reading fairy tales to your son once he is born and starts to grow will create a bound between the two of you that will last forever, just as our bond does. A fairy tale that I would suggest

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