Fairytales In Cinderella And Cinderella

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Fairytales are expressed as writing; which ultimately reveals a morale toward the audience. These stories typically display the hero as a male who potentially saves the heroine. Throughout time, these stories develop themes and ideas that allow readers to discover its true purpose. These versions let the audience envision the story in a new perspective. From the development of time, readers notice the shift of heroism from male characters toward female characters. Through an analysis of literary terms and elements in the original version of “The Little Glass Slipper,” and “Cinderella”, their themes were modified due to the changes in time, plot and societal norms. My agreement in the newer purpose of modified stories can be represented through the fairytale “Cinderella”.The fairytale originated from the story entitled, “The Little Glass Slipper,” which was written by Charles Perrault. This original tale was reformed through the Brother’s Grimm version otherwise known as “Cinderella”. When anaylizing both works, the reader notices that each story has its own morale, ending and plot. Each fairytale, results in a newer ending from the shift in time. In the original tale, the story concludes with kindness overruling beauty, however, in the second version the step sisters are punished for their actions toward Cinderella.The morale of the original tale, describes Cinderella’s kindness to defeat the negativity of her step sisters. The newer versions, prove a differing morale
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