Faith And Reason: Essential Parts Of Christianity

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Reading: pp. 277-284
1. Thesis
Pope Benedict XVI argues that faith and reason are both essential parts of Christianity. That being said, science has imposed restraints upon reason limiting it to purely empirical study. Instead of abandoning reason Pope Benedict XVI urges us to liberate it from the limitations that have been set by modern society.
2. Terms:
A. Reason: The intellectual process that uses logic to arrive at truth.
B. Faith: The transcendent ability to gain knowledge without empirical evidence.
C. Logos: A term composed of “reason” and “word”
D. Dehellenization: A broad term used to describe purification or reformation in alignment with what is believed to be the spirit of the subject’s origin.
E. Science: The focused use of reason, limited to the empirical and mathematical domains.
A. Faith and Reason are both part of Christianity’s essence.
Other possibilities
B. Greek Philosophy didn’t pervert …show more content…

Due to these methods, no scientific progress can be made, or even started on the area of theology.

3. Is what was said true, in whole or in part?
Yes, reason as an essential is an essential part of Christianity should not be abandoned. If it were abandoned, Christianity would be at the mercy of subjective interpretation, and would over time deviate drastically from what it was. Pope Benedict was also right about the limitations of science, if Christianity is to continue reason cannot be limited by the constraints of the empirically measurable.
4. What of it?
If what was said is true, Christianity must denounce the scientific view of reason present in modern society. If Christianity is unable to combat this perspective, it could lead to the absence of reason in the faith. This absence of one of Christianity’s basic tenets would more than likely lead to its

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