Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero Essay

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Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero

Rene Bowen

Colorado Christian University

As I was watching the Frontline Video, Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero, I was immediately faced with the question about evil. It is hard to imagine how someone could do something so horrific in the name of religion. So many lives were forever changed during the events that transpired on Tuesday morning, Sept. 11, 2001. As a believer of God, I could certainly identify with the feelings of the people who lost loved ones during the 9/11 tragedy.

During the initial introduction many of the people recalled how beautiful the day started, the sky was blue, clear and perfect. However, as soon as people realized that an airplane had flown
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We do not have the authority to deem that someone deserves to die or suffer.

Agnostics, on the other hand, are neither, believers or non-believers. An agnostic believes that truth is synonymous with science. In Making Sense of Your World, a Biblical Worldview, Huxley termed the coin agnosticism to describe a tentative, uncertain attitude toward any question about God and the meaning of life. (Phillips, Brown, Stonestreet, 2008). Whether agnostic or atheistic, naturalism sets forth a worldview in which God is not necessary. My belief is that humanity cannot be scientifically explained. We are not mere products of DNA. I believe and will always believe in the existence of a higher being.

The problem for Christians who try to deal with the presence of evil is that many people believe that God is powerful and knowing and good and should prevent evil and suffering before it happens. As a Christian, I also believe that God is the creator of the world. However, after 9/11, most people were asking where was God? Many of the people interviewed during the making of the video wanted answers from God they felt that they could no longer count on God. Also, since the 9/11 event was so barbaric, was God also barbaric for letting it happen. Additionally, since the suicide terrorists had committed such an atrocity in the name of God had our majestic God been killed as well?

While our assumptions about evil may be different, I have to
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