Fall Of The Romanov Dynasty Essay

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The Romanovs were a dynasty that reigned Russia for three centuries between the years of 1613 to 1917. The Romanovs had a prominent role in Russia ruling as any other would following custom however, once the last tsar took over the empire things began to take a turn for the worst. There are several factors that could take responsibility for the fall of the Romanovs which include: resistance from the people, incompetent rulers, political and economic complications that began to arise.
The tsars were no longer able to satisfy the desires of the people. The people had high expectations of the dynasty that Nicolas was just not able to deliver. Conferring to the text “The tsar’s government had lost touch with the people-not the 120 million peasants -but with the few thousand in the immediate entourage of the dynasty and the essential bureaucrats” (). To be quite specific it was members of the duma who were dissatisfied with the way things were being handled. They were an advisory body who sought great changes in the Russian empire.
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Taking on the responsibility of ruling an empire is a task that requires someone who is passionate and willing to adjust to change. One must be able to take advice from others in areas that they may need assist with because they may not be as experienced. However, Nicolas II refused to take on those actions or even display those characteristics. The two factors of the decline of the empire: resistance from the people and incompetent rulers pretty much go hand and hand; when there is not a competent ruler the people will not be happy. Being a ruler means that people look up to you to make changes and address issues as they come. As individuals began to grow weary of Nicolas ability to rule them, they started to protest and

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