February Revolution: Causes

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NAME:PANAGIOTIS BOUROVILIS IB1 HISTORY HL DATE:27/02/2013 PAPER 3 ESSAY: CAUSES OF THE FEBRUARY REVOLUTION (1917)                                     The February Revolution of 1917 was first of the two revolutions in Russia in 1917, the revolution which began the transformation of the country. As an immediate result of this revolution, Tsar Nicholas II decided to abdicate, which lead to the end of the Romanov dynasty. The Tsar was immediately replaced by the provisional government and at the same time the…show more content…
It is clear that a lot of people did not want to put up with the constant down spiralling because of the autocracy, many people decided to rise against the situation. These people were split between the reformers and a smaller group of revolutionaries. The reformers, or Liberals, wanted to modernise Russia gradually.They wanted free elections, more education for the people and no censorship. The revolutionaries, on the other hand, wanted to throw out the whole tsarist system and build a different one.Revolutionaries were the ones waiting for the perfect moment to strike the match since the autocratic regime had caused a long term fatigue in the society - the long term situation let them was highly in favour of this group in terms of revolution, only a slight push to the angered people was needed to proceed. There were also direct causes for the revolution to break out - the main event which heated up the situation in Russia was the war that Russians fought - WWI. Russia was industrialised very weakly and men were ill-equipped for battles and many generals were conservative and ignorant in terms of war strategies. When the German armies took over Poland, heavy casualties were endured and morals of the army strongly reduced. Tsar decided to take initiative and personally become the commander-in-chief of the Russian army, but this decision
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