Fall Out-Personal Narrative

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Brendon| "Me and Elaine are going to the beach tonight, drinks and s'mores. You in?"-Grayson. I stare at the text for a second before replying, "sure. I'll meet you guys there around 9?" Grayson's one of my closest friends. We met when I toured with Fall Out Boy because he kinda helped manage the tour. He's been dating this girl, Elaine, for around 7 months. I haven't met her, but from what Grayson's told me, she seems like a huge bitch. That sounds harsh but I could also be wrong. Apparently she's cheated on him twice with different guys. I'll hang out with almost anyone for free alcohol and s'mores though. It's currently 8:05 so I might as well start getting ready instead of sitting here for the next ten minutes in my boxers. I walk down …show more content…

"Nice to meet you." I immediately noticed somewhat of an accent, French maybe? It wasn't very strong though. "Yeah." I say, not even thinking. Wow, I must sound like an asshole. Oh well. She's pretty though, I'll give her that. She's got nice body, hair, and eyes. "So Brendon," Grayson says, trying to cut the little, yet still there tension, "you been seeing anyone lately?" "No, not unless one night stands count." I say bluntly. Damn, I'm a mess. Drinking during the day, sometimes partying all night. Being lonely isn't such a great thing, obviously, but I'd rather get drunk and eat s'mores instead of think about that. After about 5 minutes of walking, we stopped and sat down just along the water's edge; Grayson and Elaine sat across from me, a small fire we started in the middle. "You guys wanna truth or dare?" Grayson asks "Sure." Elaine and I say in unison, causing both of us to look at each other. Her face looked soft and innocent, even though that might sound kinda weird. I like it. "Okay," I start, "Grayson, truth or dare?" "Dare." "I dare you to...touch the fire." "Done." Grayson smirks, touching the dark flames and only flinching a little bit. Dude's tough. "My turn now, fuckers." he laughs and gives Elaine a devilish

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