Fallen Art By Tomek Baginski: Film Analysis

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In the film titled, “Fallen Art” by Tomek Baginski, Baginski is demonstrating how the General is abusing the soldiers as expendable, therefore he is showing us that he is against war. In the film setting it shows where soldiers are being disposable in an abandoned military base. Soldiers may think that is freedom for their country, but what they don’t know is sometimes is the impure fight of who has more power to rule over the countries and should be frightened of them. They might be the death of injustice because of the abuse power authority. The soldiers are there by the General’s command so they can’t disobey. It seems to me that the General is abusing his power, therefore nobody is stopping him from what he is doing. For them (society system) is normal to send soldiers to fight with an unfair fight for their lives. A suicide mission, the soldiers are risking their …show more content…

The video shows the soldiers are being thrown to death with non-stop to choreograph an art with dead soldiers dancing. Environmental damage is what countries do, sending their people to fight their battles for them and also making them a part of historical events. Knowing that in the video soldiers are anticipating with the commander wishes. Also is an abandoned military base that one seems to stop them from killing soldiers like if they were some dirt bags. This isn't professional or unprofessional this is slaughter, sending militarizes to kill or be killed. There's always a reason why soldiers are sent to war; it may be in helping people from their government or trying to make peace between nations and make sure there's no threat between nations. Threat is scary may be a little bit for soldiers, but a whole country is like the end of the world. Most of the time or all the time the soldier are the ones who get to paying the price for their country to be in

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