The Acts of Leadership in Black Hearts Essay

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Deceased philosopher Bertrand Russell once said, “War does not determine who is right- only who is left”. Those left are the soldiers of the 1-502nd, specifically Bravo Company 1st plt, and the Janabi family and to a greater extent, the ever-changing global world we all live in today. The tragic events that conspired in a small Iraqi village became a microcosm of how leadership failures at every level shaped the actions of a few soldiers who committed atrocious acts. One can also see how a high operational tempo, along with prolonged violence and death, has on a person’s psyche. It is the ugly side of war that the average American citizen may not want to hear or talk about. For a soldier, it is inevitably what they train their …show more content…

LTC Kunk’s mission was twofold. His BN was to deploy to a region in the Euphrates valley that was south of Baghdad, dubbed the “Triangle of Death”. An American presence had only lightly occupied the area and the insurgency in that region was multiplying. They were unleashing havoc on American troops in the area as well as civilians. 1-502nd was also tasked with training a division within the Iraqi Army in the hope that they would secure the area once American troops departed for good. 1-502nd deployed to Iraq in October of 2005. LTC Kunk split his forces into 3 elements. Kunk gave his toughest missions to Bravo and Charlie companies. Their AO and FOB was away from the rest of the BN and violence was considered the worse in this area. Once the orders were received by the company commanders, each company pushed out to their respective FOBs. It did not take long for Bravo Company to start taking casualties. 1st PLT was being hit particularly hard. One of the first things Bravo Company did was set up TCPs in designated areas within and on the outskirts of the town. These were stationary targets that insurgents picked up on quickly. They attacked the TCPs frequently and the TCPs were normally guarded by a minimal amount of soldiers. IEDs were also affecting Bravo’s combat strength within the AO. It did not take long for morale to drop, especially in 1st PLT. Within the first 4 months of the deployment, 1st PLT had lost their PL and PSG as well as a few “Joes” to IEDs

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