Fallen Societies from Failure of Rulers

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John F. Kennedy once wrote, “Efforts and courage are not enough without direction.” From this I think he’s saying societies can fall if their not ruled the right way. And some of the societies seemed like nothing could get in their way, but obviously they did because they didn't take good care of them. That goes for a lot of other places also. Great societies fall due to social inequalities, a dysfunctional or corrupt government, a crippled and inflating economy, and over expansion. That’s why Nazi Germany, The Civil Rights Era in America, and Ancient Rome didn't survive. A number of societies fall because of rebellion and the people not being happy. All of the kids in my dystopian novel were upset with the Unwinding process. They couldn’t take the fear that they had to go through from the ages 13-18. While reading you could feel the fear they went through such as, “and in seconds, disobedience erupts into a full-scale revolt. Every terrible is now a terror. The guards fire, but there are simply too many kids, and not enough tranq bullets. For every kid that goes down, there’s another kid that doesn’t. The guards are quickly overwhelmed, and once they are, the mob starts storming the front gate” (311). A lot of people were forced out of their public life so that was really a con and started a rebellion. The citizens of that society thought that this was completely unfair and they wouldn’t stand for it. An example of this was, “Although many of these citizens proved to be
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