Families in the Call to Home by Carol Stack Essay

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Families in the Call to Home by Carol Stack The families in the Call to Home by Carol Stack do not fit with the normal American household described by Haviland. A normal American household includes the parents and the children only. An aunt raising her nieces and nephews with her own children while their parents are living up North is not considered a normal household. Parents and children are separated with part of the children living with one parent and the others are living with grandparents. Such separation occurs because it is harder and harder to find jobs in the South and many kids have no other choice but to go up North for education and money. As North became more industrialized, people like Eula Grant, Shantee Owens, Donald …show more content…

Everyone knew that all the opportunities were up North where the big industries are and the abundance of jobs to be filled. However, with all the opportunities came the consequences of living in big cities. Crime, violence, no one to turn for support to because all the relatives live back home or in different cities. All that drove many back home, but they were different people. They knew what had to be done to better their lives down South. They had the skills, the knowledge and the strength to change things. MAC, Inc. and Holding Hands were organized to help out the poor, which included almost everybody. These are the consequences of living up North – people came back knowing what has to be done.

Even though the younger generation that came back knew what had to be done, they still seek the support of their elders. The kinship system played tremendously important role in all those people’s lives. All the family gatherings were always attended no matter how far everybody is. Being a family is what has always gotten them through hard times. When the children moved back and had to start all over, their family was always there for them. Pearl had taken in Eula’s children and her while she was recovering after the operation. Samuel’s niece and nephew came to live with them when they lost their parents. If not for Pearl raising them, they would have ended up in an orphanage and nobody knows what could have happened to them.

People survived through moral and

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