Family Addiction In The Family

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To begin with, substance and addiction disorders has become an epidemic in society today, affecting family, work ethics, relationships, and values. The family system, broken in many ways and the results can be catastrophic or damaging to a family unit. To clarify, substance and addiction disorders onset crimes against family members/communities, child abuse, sexual misconduct domestic violence, prostitution, minor crimes, and behavior problems difficult for individuals to handle. Another key point, stages of addiction within the family system is denial, home treatment, chaos, and loss of control. “The belief of the family system is that addiction problems are the results of negative behaviors, dysfunctions or pathology namely the female spouse as the blame” (Copello, Templeton, Orford, & Velleman, 2010, pg.100).
Homeostasis within the family system can be easily broken creating resistance and change the dynamics of the family system. Creating a change and unstable platform, which enables the addict. The family structure becomes disorganized because an addiction disorders destroy and incorporate boundaries within the system, normal not agreed upon chosen family members. The addict insists n maintain family balance by deflecting attention away from real problems limiting the addiction and family motto within family members who you don't talk don't trust don't feel. Ultimately, a family system affected by addiction and changes, impacts the addict and individual members. In

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