Family And Family Development Perspectives Essay

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Enduring Families Over the past few decades the rapidly growing trend has been a debate between whether families are declining or enduring. In my opinion families are enduring through massive changes they go through based on influences such as ecological and family development perspectives. The interactions between the nuclear family and the extended family have grown over the years. Most people that I know, their families have “family reunions” in order to re connect with distant loved ones and to make memories that they can have forever. In this essay I will express my position on this topic through two theoretical perspectives, changes of the definition of family and personal experience. The endurance of family life can be seen through the ecological and family development perspectives. The main influence on the family setting is the microsystem aspect which directly interconnects the actions, roles, and interactions that impacts the daily lives of family development on the macro level. Family development theory examines the changes that families experience over their lifespans (Benokraitis, Nijole. Marriages & Families Changes, Choices, and Constraints. Pearson, 2014. Print.). Through these developmental stages not only does the family life change on the micro level, but also on the macro level as well. The relationships that grow during these cycles create a new aspect on life every time. Parents teaching their children how to socialize in the world and the bonds…
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