Family And Family Essay

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To a lot of people, having the same blood running through your veins, means a lot. To some it means that it automatically claims you to be family. Others may think being blood related means you’re more important to them then someone who may not be. But to me, blood has nothing to do with who you care about and who you consider family. It doesn’t shape you as a person and doesn’t define who you are going to be. I am adopted, therefore, most of my family and I do not share the same DNA. But I have learned that it doesn’t matter if you have the same color hair as your mother, or the same eyes as your father. What matters is the love and the care that people share for you, that’s what makes you family. Just because someone may share the same physical characteristics as you, doesn’t mean you will have the same emotional characteristics. For me, this is something I have had to learn a lot over time. My biological mother and father weren’t the best role models. I was taken away from them at the age of five and put into foster care. As I was growing up I had this growing fear that I would be exactly like them. I have younger siblings, and for a lot of my life I’ve had to look over them and be their support system. I was constantly worried I was not enough for them, I would worry that I would let them down. I knew what it felt like to feel like you are alone and to be let down over and over again by the people that you thought cared the most. And I never wanted my brothers or

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