Family And Its Structure As Described By Solomon Essay

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Topic in Solomon:
I am focusing on the family and its structure as described by Solomon in chapter 10. Delving deep into the concepts of extended and nuclear families, family life cycles, different roles and responsibilities in families. The families I will study (see background section for more information) are actually quite distinct in terms of structure and age. Therefore, I will have a glimpse into interactions within the families and between them. I will observe how decisions are made differently in my family--whether they’re autonomic or syncretic. Solomon describes autonomoic decisions as those made by one family member, whereas syncretic ones involve others’ input as well. I can see if there actually is gender convergence within the families, as most of them are forward thinking and liberal. According to Solomon, gender convergence is when roles stereotyped to a certain gender are flipped and taken on by the other.

My dad’s side of our extended family is composed of three nuclear families: my family; my dad’s brother’s family; and my dad’s sister’s family. None of us are very close due to issues dating back to when my dad and his siblings were kids. However, we celebrate the major holidays together for the sake of my grandparents, and because we all live in the Chicago area.

I believe the three families in attendance will not mingle or mix much. Because they are my dad’s family, roles that my mom traditionally takes on (like making

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