Family And Love In Begin Again By John Carney

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In the director John Carney’s film, Begin Again, there are many elements that connect to the theme of family, love, and most importantly, music. The main concept of the film is ending what happened in the past and moving forward to a new start or a new beginning. As conflict arises amongst the characters, they come to a crossroads of whether they should pursue their desired passions and love interests. The main characters in the film express their love for family and relationship through music. Music in the film is a way of communication with each other without having to actually come face to face to discuss it. Music and family come in connection because add something to continue this thought about family being connected through music. The film doesn’t just focus on blood relation, it also involves the relationship the music industry forms through their passion for music. In particular, the film depicts broken familial relationships that are later mended through the realization of ones mistakes.
In the film, Family means that no matter what happened in the past or in the present moment, it is never too late to forgive and forget. The unconditional love that Dan has for Miriam proves that no matter who is at fault of a break up, family still comes first. The body language seen in the film amid the characters reveals their emotions to the audience. Facial expressions of concern, misery, and of want, are worn by individuals throughout the production. The interactions that

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