Family And The Family System Theory

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One way to analyze this Family is with the Family system theory. This theory states that the family functions as a system Within this system are rules, power structures and different patterns of communication. In this theory the family is seen as a whole rather than as its individual parts. We also assume that the family functions off of circular causality and redundancy principle plays a role in the family rules. The concepts that I am going to use to describe this family will include; family cohesion, communication pattern, roles of a few of the members, the family rules and circular causality. The first term that I am going to describe refers to the cohesion of the family. Family cohesion describes how engaged the family is with each others lives. This family is disengaged; they are not connected. This is shown when she states that the family is living in crisis but the individual members are living “alone in chaos”. This shows that the family is not intertwined and handle the crisis on their own rather than as a group. This statement is powerful in showing how alone all the members are in the family. The fact that the mother keeps the house spotless and every shirt ironed shows that she is not engaged with her children, rather she is focused on the appearance of family then what is actually going on within the family. Therefore, this story shows us that this family is disengaged and not focused on being present in each others lives. I choose this term because it is
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