Family Business Case

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Family Business Case LS 312-02 Ethics and the Legal Environment Kaplan University 4-27-14 INTRODUCTION The stakeholders in the “Family Business” case are Brad the owner, the employees, R and S Electronics, Eddie the General Manager, Greg the service technician, and Jane the head of the Payroll Department. The interests of the stakeholders are to run a smooth, profitable business. Jane’s interest is to insure the employees get paid correctly and to manage payroll. The employee’s interests are to perform the assigned worker orders timely and efficiently. Eddie’s interest is to assign work order correctly, and that they get done in the order he describes. Brads interests are to make sure the business runs smoothly. Greg’s…show more content…
The “Rights Theory” is the belief that each person has certain rights. The actions of one person should not infringe on anyone’s rights. Eddie’s actions did just that by taking their right to equal pay and work assignments away. Justice Theory The “Justice Theory” states that each person’s basic liberties should not infringe on others and social and economic positions should be available to all (Rawls, n.d.). Eddie violated the basic liberties of all of the workers when he did not make their economic position equal to that of Greg. They should have had the right to make as much money as he did. Eddie used his position of power to discriminate against the rights of the workers. CONCLUSION Businesses must have controls in place that will prevent the action similar to those of Eddie. Legal recourse may be the only alternative for the employees and Jane. A method of reporting company violations anonymously, to protect the workers, should be in place. Anonymous reporting will prevent the employees from being singled out for reporting violations. The ethical issues are even more impacting. The trust and respect the employees have for their boss becomes lost once they find out. He would become ineffective as a manager. The owner, Brad ultimately assumes responsibility to provide a safe non-discriminatory place of employment. References E-Guide to Ethics and the Legal Environment.
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