Family, Child Rearing, And Socio Economical Class

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Family, Child Rearing, and Socio-economical Class
This week’s readings are following the theme of the class, and its connection to forming a family and child rearing. There are three articles that discuss the way children are raised, the effect of marriage on the class and on the growing inequality as well as the pressure that people face due to instability in their jobs and economic life. Connecting socioeconomics and sociocentrism orientation, class and family are shown from different angles in order to understand inequalities and class divisions.
The article “De-Homogenizing American Individualism: Socializing Hard and Soft Individualism in Manhattan and Queens” is written by Adrie Suzanne Kusserow. She is an Associate Professor of …show more content…

Indeed, the main theme of the paper is stated by Kusserow: “This paper is a description of the three New York communities ' different styles of individualism, as well as a discussion of how both sociocentrism and individualistic strains coexisted in two of them.” (214)
In her investigation based on interviews with a parent of different social classes and preschool teachers, Kusserow had characterized three different styles of individualism: soft offensive, hard defensive and hard offensive individualism (216). This different style of individualism was the outcome of child’s self through observation and searching for the complexity and prevalence within the children from different social classes in New York communities: South Rockaway Carter Hill, and Beach Channel. The common aspect between the interviewee was the white race of the parents. Her field work led to the verdict that “parental conceptions of the child’s self did not reflect bipolar class constructs (a solely conforming working-class and a self-directed upper-middle class), nor was one generic brand of individualism sufficient to characterize them all” (214). Kusserow understood that the different atmospheres that they lived in cause the creation of these individualistic strands and the differences in a way that they choose to reach life goal. Surprisingly, she believes that the various distinction of individualism is unique to the world in which people grew at. Thus, it can’t be further applied even to

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