Family Counseling By Dr. Berger

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The Jarrett family was referred to family counseling by Dr. Berger, to address the family’s breakdown in communication brought on by grief, after losing the oldest son in a tragic accident and the events that followed. The Jarrett’s are an upper-middle-class white family that live-in Forest Hills, Illinois.
• Calvin, the father, age 41, is an attorney in a well-established law firm in Chicago. He has been acting as the mediator between Beth and Conrad. He was emotional about the loss of his son, Buck, and is concerned about Conrad’s mental health after his suicide attempt.
• Beth, the mother, age 40, seems to be the leader although, she is a stay-at-home mother. Beth is socially active and is adamant about keeping up appearances. …show more content…

Throughout the marriage Beth has decreed who Calvin will be as a husband and father; on the day of Buck’s funeral she criticized Calvin’s choice of shoes he was wearing and demanded that he change them. Calvin also has a poorly differentiated “self”; he will quickly conform to Beth’s demands because he also craves approval. She demands that her children be and act perfect. When Buck was little, before Conrad was born, Beth formed a very tight bond with Buck, that seemed to push Calvin out of the happy little triangle that was their family. Beth’s pregnancy with Conrad was difficult; morning sickness, high blood pressure and a difficult labor and delivery. Beth does not have the same bond with Conrad as she did with Buck. Since Bucks death, Beth has withdrawn from any connect she might have had with Conrad; at times ignoring him when they are in the same room together, being irritated if Calvin wants to share his concerns about their son’s emotional state and refusing to even be in a picture with Conrad. Calvin’s alliance with Beth begins to shift when he begins to realize that Beth is not the person he thought she was. He wonders if she cannot not even find a little compassion for their son, who is hurting so much; can she even love. As Calvin and Conrad begin to form a stronger bond Beth becomes stauncher in her beliefs that Conrad is the cause of the turmoil in the family.
Calvin begins to

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