Family Focused Classroom Internship Report

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I completed my internship at Washburn Center for Children located at 1100 Glenwood Ave North. Minneapolis, MN 55405. I was part of the Family Focused Classroom where I worked alongside teachers who provided therapeutic support to preschool aged children. The classroom had a total of four teachers, two at a Master’s level and two interns who were finishing up an undergraduate degree. In the classroom we taught social and coping skills as well as behavioral regulation to the eight children in the classroom.
The classroom was designed for early intervention for children who qualified due to behaviors that needed prevention from manifesting later in childhood and adolescents. Researchers report alarming increases in the number of young children
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Play-based learning as a phenomena can be defined as a "context" for young children's learning where they organize and comprehend their social environment, communicate actively with people, objects and ideas. Jean Piaget (1962) and Lev Vygotsky (1978). The children played outside, art, read books, snacked, and had free play. During one of the free play moments I was playing a mother to some superheroes (the children) and I had the opportunity to tell the superheroes that they could be anything they wanted to be, that they were strong and smart. I also casually mentioned to them that they had to follow rules even if they were superheroes. Intellectual and social benefits of play in early years have been documented by many researchers (Lester & Russell, 2008, Vigotsky,…show more content…
I never imagined that I could be changing the life of a child through therapeutic play. When I noticed that I was actually making a difference in the lives of these children my eyes opened to the possibility of working with young children. I ultimately discovered that I am good with children and that I am able to form bonds with people no matter the age.
The teachers I worked alongside gave me great feedback and encouraged me to continue with my education and hope that I will work with children one day. I’ve always known I have a passion for people but I started to notice that I could easily suffer from compassion fatigue. I have to remind myself daily that I can only do the best I know how and to be ok with that. The teachers in this classroom get to teach and work with kids for X amount of time and then the children are gone. It was extremely hard for me to say goodbye but I am dealing it with it the best that I know
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