Preschoolers: Learning While Playing Essay

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Alice Sterling Honig, author of an article “Play: Ten Power Boosts for Children’s Early Learning”, states that “children gain powerful knowledge and useful social skills through play” (p.126). Honig, who believes that play is essential for young children’s development, points out ten ways in which children can learn through play activity. According to Honig, preschool teachers should teach students by engaging different kinds of play activities. Through their participation, young children practice gross motor skills; social skills; cognitive and language skills; number and time concept; space concept; reasoning of cause and effect; how to distinguish between real or fantasy; sensory and aesthetic appreciation; how to extend …show more content…

Interactions between young children foster preschoolers’ language development and communication skills. Peer play and sociodramatic play also prevent and reduces behavioral and social problems. Play is a part of our lives! There are playgrounds everywhere: in parks, fast-food restaurants, malls, schools and homes. Playing with peers, toys, blocks, music, dance, sociodramatic play and coloring are important for young children’s development progress. Effective early childhood educators help and develop young children’s innate capacity for learning. Especially teaching young children, fun activity helps them easily learn language. Teachers should encourage conversation between children. Through practices, preschoolers have more opportunities to speak. Learning while playing, preschoolers easily adapt to new environments and make successful transitions to kindergarten. Once their language skills are developed, they are ready to read and write. Young children love to explore learning through different kinds of play! Play activity is one of the active learning techniques. For example, peer play improves preschoolers’ language, social, gross motor and cognitive skills. Children grow and develop better through verbal communication and physical performance. Social

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