Family For Family In Saul Indian Horse By Richard Wagamese

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Family for Life The grounding force for most individuals is family, whether it be birth or chosen. In the novel Indian Horse, written by Richard Wagamese, Saul Indian horse has those around him to help him regain himself. After losing his biological family to the residential school, Saul does his best to recreate a family, consisting of Ervin Sift and the whole Kelly family. Family is a vital part of human existence. For Saul, it helped him rediscover himself.
Sometimes chosen family has more of an impact on our lives than a biological family can. For Saul, the Kelly’s were a substitute for the family he had lost..When Saul had no father of his own, Fred Kelly reached out to him and saved him from the chaos known as St. Jerome’s. Virgil …show more content…

To prove it, he was told “‘And if I don’t go?’ ‘Then I’ll think you’re a coward. That you let it beat you without even trying.’ ‘What if I’m not good enough?’ He laughed, and the others laughed too…’Believe me, you’ll be good enough.’” (Wagamese 154) In more detail, the Moose always made sure that Saul knew he belonged, they treated him like a part of the family. They also helped to push him forwards when he was doubting his skills, like a normal family would do. To sum it up, the Kelly family has played a huge roll in Saul’s life. They helped him to make some critical decisions, along with helping to make sure he feels like he belongs.
Another person who was practically family to Saul, was Ervin Sift. Erv found Saul one night when he was drunk at a bar, he tried to remind Saul of everything he had left to hold on to. The first thing Erv did, was to help Saul realize he had a drinking problem. He was a caring guy so “Over the next three days he nursed me through a killer hangover. I’d come to and he’d be at my bedside with a wet cloth to wipe my brow or a cup of soup he’d hold while I sipped it. He talked to me when I got scared, calmed me down. When I was over the worst, he helped me walkout to the porch for fresh air. All through it, he never asked a question.” (Wagamese 183-184). This shows how Erv gave up his time to help Saul recover. Close friends and family do these sort of things for people. If Erv had not

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