Family History : An Individual Essay

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Family history is very important to an individual. By knowing where you come from, you can have a better perspective of your life and of others. Every person has a different origin, a different story to tell, and it’s up to the next generation to share the story of their ancestry to future generations. The paternal side of my family originated in Ireland, they later came over through Elis Island and resided in Waukon, Iowa. Throughout time my family moved and expanded, as generations past the McKenna name would broadened.
My great-grandmother Ann was born in 1923 on a small rural farm just off the blacktop of Bluffton, Iowa. Churning butter, collecting eggs, and tending to the livestock cultivated the strong work ethic, she soon would pass on to her children and grandchildren. She attended a small town school with a grand total of 25 kids; Ann graduated with an eighth grade education. As time went on and she passed her schooling; she acquired jobs doing house work for others, but the pay was only 25 cents a week. Instead of continuing her low paying job she decided it would be best to work on the farm. While doing this she became close to her neighbor, William McKenna. The pair had attended the same church and saw each other often, they eventually started dating. On May 29, 1939 the two were married and they would soon start their ever-expanding family. After their wedding Ann and William purchased a small farm where they would soon begin their living.
My great-grandmother

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