Family Law Is An Area That Concern About Legal Issues Involving

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Family law is an area that concern about legal issues involving family relationships, such as marriage, divorce, adoption and child custody. Every country has its own family law and its typically influences by the issue, culture and religion in that country. In Malaysia, family law is divided into two categories; Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) and the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce). Malaysia is an Islamic country. Hence, this family law distinguishes between Muslims and non-Muslims. The law between each state is more or like the same. As for the United States, the family law is different from states to states. Every state has a set of comprehensive laws that is used to solve cases within that state. In this research paper, I …show more content…

Department of Public Health that the state could not deny civil marriage to two members of the same sex who wished to marry. Within 180 days, the legislature decided to prohibit same-sex marriages, but voted to allow civil unions. Civil union is a legal union of a same-sex couple and equivalent to marriage. In February 2004, the Supreme Judicial Court issued an advisory opinion that concluded the proposed legislation was unconstitutional. This opinion paved the way for city and town clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples beginning in May 2004 ("2003-2004: Gay Marriage in Massachusetts and San Francisco."). Thus, that explains the difference of same-sex marriage status between these two countries.
Besides that, the status of polygamy is also different between the United States and Malaysia. Polygamy is a marriage that involves more than one spouse. In Malaysia, polygamy is only allowed between Muslim men, although not widely practiced. A Muslim man is allowed to marry up to four wives, but he must first obtain the permission from his existing wife or wives. He also must be mentally and financially stable and has an in-depth knowledge of Islam so that he can be fair to his wives. An application for permission shall be submitted to the Court in the prescribed manner and shall be accompanied by a declaration stating the grounds on which the proposed marriage is alleged to be just and necessary, the present income of the

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