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Meta: Family law is the area of law that deals directly with issues impacting families. This can include cases involving matters such as divorce, adoption, and child abuse.
Family law is a broad field of legal practice that encompasses many different issues impacting family today. Some of the legal cases that will full under the jurisdiction of family law include: divorce, child support, adoption, custody arrangements, paternity, termination of parental rights, and child abuse and neglect.

What Is The Job of A Family Lawyer?

As with other area of law, the primary duty of a family lawyer will be to advise their clients of their legal rights and represent them in a court of laws. For many of those involved in a family law case, this will be one of the most stressful …show more content…

Sarah, a family law attorney, starts her day with return phone calls and emails from clients regarding matters such as disputes over child custody arrangements. Much of the rest of the morning is spent preparing to go to court for different hearings and motions scheduled for later in the day. She many also meet with a prospective or current client. After lunch, she then spends several hours in family court. Some of the hearings are short - ten minutes or less - both others can last an hour or two, or more.

What Kind of Employment Opportunities are there in Family Law?

Employment opportunities in family law are growing, in part because divorce rates have risen significantly in recent decades. There is also a fairly high turn-over rate in family law, as it can be an emotionally difficult legal field.

If you are interested in family law, you should take multiple family law courses in law school. After you have received your degree, there should be many opportunities available to intern at service organizations, such as those that offer pro bono legal advice and representation.

What Kind of Skills Are Necessary in Family

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