Family Structure And Children 's Educational Success

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Family Structure and Children’s Educational Success
Taylor Yonce
Sociology 2010-Section 012
Shannon McDonough


Nontraditional family structures have become more common and accepted throughout today’s society than in the past. This shift in family structure could have great implications for children and their future success. I chose to research whether children raised in traditional families tend to achieve more academically than those raised in nontraditional families. Traditional families can have various meanings, even just within the American culture. It can be very complicated to distinguish which structures are best because there are so many, some of which are single parents, step parents, and adopted parents. However, for the purpose of this investigation, a traditional family is a family in which a child lives in the same residence as his or her married, biological parents. I chose to research this topic because I feel that this is an important issue in America. This is because so many families are now nontraditional. If this causes children to be less successful academically, it could very negatively affect the future of America because less people would be educated. During high school I noticed that many of my classmates who were raised in nontraditional families, such as with divorced parents or single parents, struggled academically. This seemed to have two main reasons. One is that these families…
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