Family Structure Of A Small Studio Located

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Family Structure
I am currently living in a small studio located in Santa Clara. My grandparents on my father 's side of the family owns the front part of the house.During my school age years my living arrangements varied. From birth until about the age of 6 I lived in San Jose in a small one bedroom apartment with my mom. When I turned 7 my mom remarried and had my two brothers. All four of us moved into a 4 bedroom house in Porterville, CA. When they divorced my mom, brothers and I moved back to san jose in a 2 bedroom apartment. When I turned 17 I decided to move out on my own into the studio that I am currently at now.

My mother Jessica was born in San Jose, CA and my father Justin was born in Santa Clara they both grew up here most of their lives. My mother lived in the more poor areas of San Jose and my Father grew up in the more wealthy area of Santa Clara. Both of my parents grew up knowing the lord and christianity. My mom didn’t go to church as much but my father did but it was still part of who they were.

Cultural Artifacts and Traditions
Our cultural traditions were very family oriented on my father 's side. My father is Italian and Filipino. They believed the bigger the family the better. Each meal was at the table as a family and during holidays we would have huge get togethers with 40+ family members.Each holiday we would watch old family videos and reminisce on the old days. Also watching the videos we were able to see our parents and
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