Family System Theory And Early Childhood Practice

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Edward Teyber once said, "family system theory offers therapists an invaluable way of understanding their clients ' strengths and problems- clarifying the familial rules, roles, myths, communication patterns, and boundary issues that defined their clients ' development." Also, as said in the article Understanding Families Applying Family System Theory to Early Childhood Practice that "a family system theory has a primary concept in which is that the family includes interconnected members, and each member influences the other in predictable and occurring ways." (pg. 5).
First, based on the article read "boundaries relate to limits, togetherness, and separateness, what or who is "in" or "out" of the family" (pg. 5, Walsh & Giblin 1988). However, I thought that having boundaries is important in a family because through boundaries we know when we can step into certain areas or when can 't we know. My experience in my family system theory as having boundaries was that was that we each had an individual room, individual spaces, and trust within our own decision. I also was able to give my own opinion but I needed to know which was the right timing and to never step over the adult conversation.
In a family "there is usually a peacemaker, a clown, a rescuer, and a victim, although there can be many other roles as well", (pg. 7) this was said in the article that I read. I thought that role was one of the most important on a family system theory due to that the roles in a family are

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