Family Values In Antigone

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In the play Antigone, there was a clear debatable conflict between the choice of honoring one’s family and obeying the laws of the country. If I was placed in the same dilemma as Antigone in modern times, I would take action to fulfill the necessary obligation in esteem for my family. When Antigone was defending her stance in the crime, she declared to Creon that “there are honors due [to] all the dead”; it is a responsible procedure to give reverence to the dead no matter what that person has done for himself (Sophocles 413). In her perspective, Polyneices may be considered as a traitor but she still loves him dearly for he is her family. In addition, Antigone displays the extent of her care by breaking the law, risking her life to ensure …show more content…

By having the perspective of both sides, the one who created the decree, and the one who saw no significant in its justification, Creon could have seen the right answer to conclude the case on hand. So, if in his position, I would utilize a different attitude and mindset from various people to aid me in the process of a critical decision. If needed, I will admit my mistake in order fix the problem by not punishing Antigone for breaking the edict and will find a resolution to the situation. In this circumstance, there is a way to honor both family and country. In order to reach theses difficult objectives, the involved individuals must try to understand one another and less arrogant about their own choices. Antigone could have tried to talk to Creon about her thoughts to persuade him and explain him the burial of her brother and apply help from others if needed. By doing so, if she had succeeded, she would have honored both her brother and country at the same time. On the other hand, Creon is being ironic for he places regulations over family. He expresses to Haemon that “ if [he] permit his own family to rebel, how shall [he] earn the world’s obedience?” ( Sophocles 522-523). If the statement was interpreted in another way, how can he be trusted to care for his kingdom when he can’t manage his own family, which

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