Family structures and roles

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Family structures and roles

We use the word role today meaning a function or part played in life. As a member of a family or a work situation the roles we have in life depend on the situation we are in at the time. I myself am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a care assistant, a student and a friend. As you can see I have many different roles in my everyday living. The main role in my life will be the role within my family unit. This project will look at the roles of members in a family unit and how this has changed over the last 25-50 years.

Nuclear family

The roles within the nuclear family used to be the father being the main provider and working long hours to support his family and the mother looked after the children and the home. …show more content…

This itself can become a huge task especially if there is no immediate family around to offer support

Single parents have become more popular in today 's society for a variety of reasons.

There are more women than men who take on the role of the single parent but it is probably a harder role for a man to cope with. A mans role in life is seen to be masculine; they define themselves by their work role. Single fatherhood requires men to look at their priorities around work

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