Famous All Over Town by Danny Santiago Essay

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Every individual has times in their life where they feel isolated and alone. When this occurrs a person will search for ways to connect or feel important.. The person will do anything they can to be noticed and appreciated. In the novel, Famous All Over Town, by Danny Santiago the main character, Chato, has many reasons to feel lonely. In almost every aspect of his life he is being let down in one way or another. He has to try to deal with a family on the brink of falling apart, he has to go to a school which doesn't teach anything "fun," and he has friends that are a bad influence on him. The novel reveals how he has to endure hardships, most of us do not have, to get through a day. By the end of the novel the reader begins to understand …show more content…

After awhile his family starts disintegrating even more, especially after Chato finds out his dad had an affair with the "crazy woman" of the neighborhood. All this begins to take its toll on Chato. "The sun was shining on my face. Nobody had answered my prayers for rain. I lay there asking myself 'What next. What next.'" (277) If Chato had a more understanding family that didn't find it necessary to keep secrets from one another he might not feel so let down. He would know that he had a loving and supporting family to go home to and he feels he doesn't have that.

Next, when high school students go to school each morning they hope they are going to learn new and interesting things. It is a different situation at Chato's school. Students are told to do work that is very much like the work one would do in elementary school. Teachers don't have very high expectations of students at Chato's school. For instance, when Chato's class begins reading a book Chato is asked by his teacher to guess what will happen in the next chapter. He guesses correctly. Chato's teacher believes that he must have read ahead even though he hasn't. "Rudy, I'm afraid you read the next chapter.' I denied it. 'Rudy,' she sang my mane, 'you're not being very honest with us, and you are spoiling the story. Nobody could possibly guess that from the text'" (76). Because Chato's teacher doesn't believe that Chato is capable of predicting the next chapter in the book he is sent to the

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