Fanny Taylor's False Claim in Rosewood Report and Film

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January of 1923 became one of the most horrific times in U.S. history and for hundreds of African Americans, when a white women named Fanny Taylor falsely claimed that she had been beaten at the hands of a black man. Outraged at these alleged allegations, white men of rosewood would parade the town in search for the person responsible. According to the rosewood report these angered mobs had killed about eight blacks including Sam Carter who supposedly knew where the acclaimed suspect was headed. There were numerous reports of the massacre from newspapers, citizens, and later the survivors of the rosewood events. Many if not all would offer there bias opinion as to what happen in the events of Rosewood, It was said in the report that “Most major Florida and Southern white newspapers ran the AP stories but did not editorialize. They expressed alarm at the extent of racial violence, but generally said it resulted from an attack on Fannie Taylor and blamed the subsequent deaths on the action of black residents” (Rosewood report, p.28) Many of these newspapers in the south and some in the north would try to justify the violence of the massacre, some like the Tampa Morning Tribune stating that it was the abuse of a defenseless white women that stirred up the white men to cause the violence they did. It was also said in the report that African American newspapers “Condemned the entire episode.”(Rosewood report p.2) In 1997, almost 74 years after the Rosewood events, John

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