Fans Are Not Like In Sports Stadiums

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Each year thousands of people leave events because stadiums do not do much to encourage them to come back. Without incentives, stadiums will lose many people at events and that results in a major loss of income. In order for a stadium to be successful, owners must intimately know what fans dislike, have a clear understanding of what they like, and figure out what fans want in sports stadiums in order for them to come back. A big amount of money is made in stadiums when the owners find out what the fans like seeing in the stadiums and even trying to make what they like even better, like “The unique roof that redirects the noise onto the visitor’s team sideline. This definitely must be true since the Vikings are undefeated still, somehow (The …show more content…

Some fans “found the lack of vendors in the stands disappointing” (Reddy). Fans do not like this because they have to search more and miss their event looking for venders and this is a loss in income for the stadium. When people buy drinks that “sets people back $15 with 20 oz. bottled waters and Gatorades at $5 a piece”(Ferguson). Fans do not like concessions being expensive like they are today.Some people “at college games, often leave at halftime if they can't connect to the internet or upload photos to social media.”(Maddox). If stadiums don't get better wifi fans will leave and those fans will most likely not want to come back and that’s a major loss in income. In order for stadiums to be successful the owner must know what fans like in their …show more content…

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