Fans: The Most Active and Creative Group Within Media Audiences

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“Fans are the ones who wear the colours of their favourite team, the ones who record their soap operas on VCR’S to watch after the day of work is over, the ones who tell you every detail about a movie stars life and work, the ones who sit in line for hours for front row tickets to rock concerts.” (Lisa. A. Lewis 1992: 1). This description of fans exhibits the intriguing nature and great interest so called fans has for their idols. It is argued that fans are the most creative and active group out of all of the media audiences. This could be because of the lengths fans go to in order to find out about the latest news concerning their idols or to get the latest merchandise provided by their idols. The examples of the activities fans…show more content…
Jensen counters the view that the popular press portrays fans as ‘dangerous’ by approaching fans as “ordinary people immersed in everyday life, and reveals the deep dilemmas about modern life that generate such negative characterizations.” (Lisa. A. Lewis 1992: 2) Lawrence Grossberg approaches fandom as: “a special relationship between audience and culture in which the pleasure of consumption is superseded by an investment in difference. In fandom, moods and feelings become organized and particular objects or personas take on significance. By participating in fandom, fans construct coherent or cultural activity of their own making which is, potentially, a source of empowerment in struggles against oppressive ideologies and the unsatisfactory circumstances of everyday life.” (Lisa. A. Lewis 1992: 3) Both Grossberg and Jensen seem to agree on the fact that fandom is merely about giving people the opportunity to create a new identity for themselves and to move away from the negative aspects of their lives or society. This could not be said for other general media audiences. As mentioned above “fans” are the individuals who know almost every aspect of the movie stars life and who have the latest merchandise from their favourite movie star or musician. This could be down to the fact that fans want to escape the struggles of their everyday life and to feel connected
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