Farewell Speech For School

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Not A New Chapter But A New Book Standing in the hallway, alone with nothing but my memories, I do not feel alone. The halls may be empty as it is long after bell for dismissal, but memories flash all around me. The silence is filled with laughter from the recent lightsaber battle and the beating of the drums from the senior parade of instruments. The aroma of fresh baked cookies causes my mouth to water as the memory of baking cookies with National Honor Society flashes by. The white poster brings back the snowy day of sophomore semi-formal with the scent of sweaty teens packed in like sardines trying to watch an old lady dance with a fellow student filling my nostrils. My feet ache with remembrance of sprinting from gym class to…show more content…
After an uneventful summer came sophomore year. This was the year that I realized I had a talent for public speaking. I entered Poetry Out Loud for the first time, and even though my palms were sweaty and my voice trembled, I was so proud of myself for standing on that stage. I became even more confident public speaking in May when I had to present my essay that won first place for Girl Scout in front of five hundred business representatives. The purpose of the ceremony was to encourage businesses to donate and sponsor Girl Scouts. Though my whole body shook with nerve as I spoke my nerves dissipated, and my voice grew stronger. These events would serve as the basis for my public speaking skills in the future and leave me feeling empowered for later speaking engagements. Sophomore year was also the year I took my first biology class and realized that was the path I was meant to follow. Biology was a love of mine, and I saw it as something I could do with the rest of my life. Another class I took was Algebra 2 Honors. Math had always been easy for me up until this point. This class caused me countless tears and nearly had me dropping down a level. However, in the end I pulled an A in the class and realized that time and effort does pay off. Not everything will be easy, but if you fight hard enough for something, you can do anything. The summer
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