Farming In The United States

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Farming Farming is a big thing in today’s world and in a lot of countries. Farming is a big part of people’s way to get food and survive. But it has changed a lot over the years. But now we are going now all about what farmers do in today’s world of farming such as crops, livestock, equipment, labor, and the expenses on the farm. So this will talk about a lot of what farming is all about.

So big crops in America at least is wheat, soybeans, and corn. They play big parts in farming but there is more types of crops that people grow for different things. People can grow oats for there horses or livestock around the farm. But that crop is not grown near as much as the three main ones. The biggest one in the United States is wheat. People grow …show more content…

In the United States farming is not the biggest part of that country. If you would look at the percentage of the farming in the United States it is not very high. But livestock such as cattle, pigs, chicken and other animals. They are used for meat for people to eat. A lot of beef goes to steak houses and many different grocery stores. So many people enjoy beef and other products. Pork is another big meat for lots of people over the whole world. Chicken is a big part to but they all play a big part. Then for farmers livestock involves a lot of labor. They have to feed them and clean there living shelters or whatever the animal lives in. Farmers need to make sure they have a lot of water to especially in the summer. In the summer for pigs especially you have to keep them cool at all times. The reason why is because pigs can not sweat so when they get hot it the heat builds up and can cause them to have a heat stroke. So a lot of big pig farms have fans that sprinkle water on them all day. But that causes the farmers to have to clean out their pens and barns a lot more. Cattle can cool down themselves most of the times but if it gets too hot they can overheat with all the hair they have on them. Chicken don’t get near as hot as both of those animals. Chickens are one of the most easiest animals to take care of on the farm. Livestock plays a lot of rolls in the …show more content…

But there are some people that people call Amish that still use horses. But for the most part tractors and combines are the big thing. Tractors are used to pull anything on the farm unless you have farm trucks. But for the most part tractors plow, plant, and do most of the heavy work on the farm. The combine is used for one thing only, harvesting all the crops. Then it gets put in the barn for the year or whatever farmers do with them. But some farmers lease combines for one year at a time so they get a new combine every year. Most farmers own a combine and keep them for a few years, it doesn’t make a difference either way. Then field-cultivators is a something people use on the fields before you plant it. It turns the dirt into a nice soft seed bed for the crop that is planted in that field. Most people do this before they plant corn. But other people do it for every crop they grow. Farmers also no-till their ground. No-tilling is when they do not use anything but the planter to plant the seed. So you are planting it in the hard ground. Then right after you harvest the field you plow them. It gives the ground to soften back up and not turn into hard soil so they seed will not grow. You dig deep into the ground and breaks up the hard chunks in the ground. You can also have different tools for your livestock. Choppers are used to chop corn or hay and you put them into a silo and use

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