Fashion Controversy Analysis

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If I were to pick my favorite hobby, it would have to be shopping. I know, sounds a little girly, but I love to shop online for clothes, accessories, sneakers, etc. My obsession started out with getting magazines delivered to my house, like Eastbay. Looking for the coolest pair of Jordan shorts or the newest pair of Nikes. I tend to think that my older brother is the one who got me interested in this hobby, seeing him and all of his friends in Jordan clothes made me want that to. Little did I know that this hobby would drag on and keep progressing into a more time ,and money consuming practice.
My interest began to grow, and I started shopping online with Ebay and Amazon, trying to find prices under retail. After getting so many pieces of clothing from Nike and Jordan, I began to get tired of the style and decided to move on to another brand, and change my style completely. That brand was Ralph Lauren, which I now own a shirt in almost every color from them. I then decided it was time to move on from him as well. This is when I started to find more and more sites and apps dedicated to selling and buying designer clothing. “But it was the slew of second-hand clothing startups that launched at the end of the 2012 that really made a point in 2013. From digital clothing swap Bib and Tuck to online consignment store TheRealReal, there …show more content…

Everyone loves the finer things in life, but many cannot afford it, so hopefully in the future some of the designer brands will be more attainable. Also, I can see the technology in shipping becoming greater and greater. One day hopefully as soon as you click the button, your order will arrive. One more improvement for the future is to make it more difficult to begin selling on the consignment apps, because some could receive fake items or get their money stolen. The fashion industry has some things to work on, but with technology, all of these steps needed to improve are not too far

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