Swot, Organisation Strategies of Sportsgirl

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen! First and foremost we wish to welcome you into the auditorium of modern fashion. For those of you, who may not know me, my name is XXXX , the national supervisor for Sportsgirl, and to my left is my partner Mr XXXX. We have gathered here today to present to you a SWOT analysis, organizational strategies, and the vision and mission statement of Sports girl.

We live in the generation of fashion and technology. Our wants fashionably override our needs in life. The Australian fashion industry has come to expect a huge splash from Sportsgirl at the Melbourne L’Oreal Fashion Festival, and 2005 set a new benchmark. Ideally, the business will come to the customer by promoting their brand through the launches
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With a growing concern, Sportsgirl faces a lot competition. The main issue that is being discussed for the weaknesses, are whether or not Sportsgirl can keep up with the ever growing demands the customer and keeping up to date with fashion.As with strengths in a business comes a variety of weakness, which include;

• A lot of competition. Such fashion stores as Dotti, Tempt, Valleygirl, Wish etc are proving to be very competitive as they offer similar clothes and market at the exact target audience.
• Competition that offers similar products
• Prices with fashion
• Keeping up with fashion
• Providing what customers want
• Limited range of clothing
• Suitable for limited age group
• No establishment in America (Major clothing country)
• Limited to only a few 1st and 2nd World Countries
• Unable to fully understand what their customers look for
• Differentiating between wants and needs

With a booming business like Sportsgirl, it has all the opportunities to expand outside the reaches of Australasia to their friendly cohort in the United States of America and Europe. The US and Europe alike have a strong and positive reputation to be some of best fashion capitals in the world. There is a lot of money being made in both the fashion and beauty markets, majorly for women. Perhaps,

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